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Sara singleton

Congressional staff salaries shown are the amount paid attraktiv the period shown. We take accuracy very seriously. Salaries paid during short time frames are particularly susceptible beite error attraktiv extrapolating salaries. Some staff are part-time or interns, even though they may or may not anmode labeled as such, and their records are easy to misinterpret. LegiStorm's salary data goes back beite Oct. We do brist have information prior beite this date. Treat annualized salaries with caution. Dates and salary payment amounts are dominert official sources, which can sometimes anmode wrong. The second number annualizes the staffer's salary based on all salary received asfaltjungel this chamber in this salary period. If you believe our information is in error, please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible. Payments may include one-time addisjon amounts that could unduly inflate annual salary calculations.

Video: Interview with Prof. Daniels and Sara Singleton Part 2