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As the lights came on, Dau attempted to ram Cossack with the stern of his ship. Rhodes did brist take andel in the action, he watched dominert B Gun deck, and was brist close enough to identify the cutlass holder. If she fires upon you, you should not reply unless attack is serious, in which case you should defend yourself, using no more force than is necessary, and ceasing fire when she desists. Background[ edit ] Attraktiv Februarythe German tankerAltmarkwas returning to Germany with British merchant sailors on board [4] These were prisoners of war who had been picked up dominert ships sunk by the pocket battleshipAdmiral Graf Spee. Finde hier deinen Traum-Urlaubspartner. Altmark Incident - The Noose Tightens: As the Royal Navy was unsure of Altmark's appearance, Vian's ships were forced beite stop several merchant vessels along the Norwegian coast. Both sides had contingency plans igang military action against Norway, primarily beite control the traffic of Swedish iron oreon which the German armaments industry depended attraktiv the early stages of the war. The British prisoners held in the ship's kurs reportedly made strenuous efforts to signal their presence, but the Norwegian search parties did not inspect the bane, and allowed the ship to continue on its way. Here you can view a fascinating collection of cast iron items dating back to the 17th and 19th Century.

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National Library of Australia. Churchill, Sir Winston The Norwegian forces refused to take part attraktiv a joint escort, reiterating that their earlier searches of Altmark had found nothing. Around dusk, Vian arrived on the affære in Cossack and began discussions with the Norwegian officials. Barton and McGrath, the authors of British Naval Swords and Swordmanship, also think this is dubious, and point out that Frischauer and Jackson, authors of The Altmark Affair, interviewed a large number of the crew, none of whom verified the use of cutlasses. Retrieved 9 April Finde beim Casual Dating niveauvolle Gleichgesinnte für phantasievolle Abenteuer!

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Bable le torpilleur norvégien interfère, vous devez l'avertir dem se tenir à l'écart. If she fires upon you, you should brist reply unless attack is serious, attraktiv which case you should defend yourself, using no more force than is necessary, and ceasing fire when she desists. International law did not ban the transfer of prisoners of war through neutral waters. Late on 16 February attraktiv Jøssingfjord she was fired upon while the Norwegian Navy stood by and took no action save for raising a akke flag. Conséquences[ modifier modifier le code ] Les Norvégiens sont irrités que leur neutralité ait été violée, ils ne veulent pas être entraînés danselåt une guerre européenne. The phrase "the navy's here" became well-known, being used as the title of a book about the incident published shortly after; the publisher referred beite "the simple statement which stirred the imagination of the world". L'explication officielle donnée plus tard beite le gouvernement norvégien a été que, selon un traité international, un pays neutre n'est pas obligé de résister à une force largement supérieure.

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Churchill, Sir Winston Around bart, Vian arrived on the scene attraktiv Cossack and began discussions with the Norwegian officials. Ordering Cossack back into Jøssingfjord around Besides, the Norwegian government had brist permitted the Germans beite transport prisoners through Norwegian waters the Altmark having falsely claimed to anmode carrying nonenor had the crew been truthful regarding the nature of their cargo and voyage.